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Yesterday Mr Brown spent the day at the office and you know what they say... When the cat's away, the mouse will spend the afternoon pressing pigments because there's not a dern thing else to do in Connecticut. But anywayz...

Look what I did ya'l!

There are several tutorials on pressing pigments on Youtube. Enkore's video is by far the most popular.

In addition to alcohol, I also used glycerin and Fyrinnae's Powder Modifier. Most mineral eyeshadow will not press hard enough using just alcohol because there are no binders added to the shadows. I got my metal pans from Star Auctions on eCrater. Many people use these pans because they are the same size as MAC pans so they fit in MAC 15-pan palettes. Yaby Cosmetics carries pans and palettes in various sizes so you can really get gangsta with and make an entire face palette! I used a Modern Basics Beauty Supply palette with the insert removed.

It was so much fun! With the exception of the blue in the middle of the top row (Glory by Pure Luxe) all of these are shades that I created using pigment samples. This is a great way to rediscover some forgotten treasures in your stash and scratch that "I want something new" itch without breaking the bank. I have 17 new eyeshadows for less than $25 bucks! How cool is that?!?!


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