Good Things Apparently Come In Really Small Packages

My dirt cheap Besame order arrived this morning. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet so no official word on the actual product but the packaging is truly divine! It's reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. It's the prettiest packaging that I have ever owned... But I'm cheap so that's not a shocker.

The compact and the lipstick came with the pretty "Crown Royal-esque" pouch. I was happy to see them because I would hate for the compact to get beat up in my purse. The jar next to the larger pouch is another foundation. I ordered two different shades because I wasn't familiar with them when I ordered. The one with the top still on is too light but at $4 bucks I'm not all that pressed. The lipgloss (next to the compact) was actually a freebie!

Here are a few comparison pics.

The Besame lipgloss actually has more product than MAC. The Besame is 0.26 oz and the MAC is .17 oz. The size of the compact and the lipstick are just shameful though.

Mac Port Red vs. Besame Red
Pay no attention to the ashy hands. Looks like I was punching clouds doesn't it? Lol

Besame Classic Cashmere Powder Compact in Dark vs MAC Select Sheer Presses in NW43

The size of the products are supposed to be based on the sizes available in the 1940's. When makeup and beauty were still decadent and glamorous.

First impressions... I am very pleased with my haul. It was around $23 so I am not at all bothered by the size. Pretty packaging or not, I honestly couldn't see myself paying full price for such small items. The lipsticks normally go for $18 and the is compact $25. I know that the these prices aren't totaly unheard of but like I said... I'm cheap. The foundation is the only thing that I may have purchased at regular price of $34.

The powder is suspect though. It looks waaaaaayyyy too light. I'm hoping it's more of a transluscent formula than a sheer powder. If it is the wrong color I plan on scraping it out and pressing some of my own powder in the pan.

So what do you think? Pretty right? I can't wait to give the red a try.


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