What's Your Insta-Fix?

We have all had them. Those days when we left the house thinking "D*mn I'm cute" only later to catch a glimpse of our reflection and recoil in horror. "D*mn, I'm cute" has somehow eroded to just "D*mn". Of course this only happens right after we decided to clean out the purse and right before we actually have a valid reason for look cooking cute.

An example- You just looked up an discovered that your lipstick has decided to migrate toward your nose like it's leaving for the winter. You frantically search through you bag all the while cursing your weak shoulders because they didn't seem to think fifty-eleven lipglosses and six compacts seemed like a normal amount to carry. All you come up with is a triflin Bonne Belle Lip Smacker and a lipgloss that hasn't seen the light of day since Bill Bellamy was funny. To add insult to injury, you look up and see your ex's mother coming down the street. You never did like that hussy! So what's the plan MacGyver?

What can you slap on to pull it it together? What never fails to bring sexy back? What's your insta-fix?

I am never without a tube of aquaphor and some type of
lipgloss with a high shine. My current fave is Maybelline Shiny-Licious in Plum Passion (I think this shade has been dc'ed.) It goes on fairly clear but the brown-berry hint of color plays well with almost any traces of lipstick you are already wearing. I usually carry some type of compact also. MAC Select Sheer Pressed in NW 43 is in my bag right now. It tones down shine but still allows a natural glow.

When all else fails I lube up the lips like my life depended on it. I'm talking about Crisco grease shine! I whip out the stunna shades and channel my inner Kimora/Naomi/Tyra. Afterall, only a true diva can pull off H.A.M.tastic-ness like it was on purpose! Sashay! Shante!


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