Lustings from Broke Blvd.

What's worse than the economy going straight to the crapper?

The economy going straight to the crapper right before the holiday season! That's what!

Us Brown's are trying to be proactive and cut spending where we can just in case. Let's face it... We are in very uncertain and scary times. If our financial bottom were to drop out tomorrow, no amount lip gloss or nail polish is gonna keep lights. But I'm saying... Can a sista get a breakdown on the $700 billion bailout? I don't need much. Just enough to fulfill some of my holiday lemmings.

Philosophy Classic Collection

This set includes a 16 oz Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser, 2 oz Hope In A Jar Moisturizer, 16 oz Amazing Grace Perfumed Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath, 16 oz Amazing Grace Perfumed Firming Body Emulsion, 2 oz Amazing Grace Spray Fragrance, and an 8 oz The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash.

I want it just for the Amazing Grace items and the Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash. I love Amazing Grace. It's one of the few scents that Mr. Brown and I agree on. The Microdelivery Exfoliating Face wash is a staple in my skincare regimen. It exfoliates thoroughly but is gentle enough to use daily. I have never used Hope in a Jar or Purity Made Simple but those are popular enough that I could easily sell them on Ebay or the like.

Urban Decay 24-7 Travel Sets
-$29 a piece

I want both of these. Bad. I don't even have to explain why! LOL!

Makeup Forever 12 Flash Color Case
- $93

I am a sucker for colored eyeshadow bases. I really do think they are the bee's knees. They can breathe new life into long forgotten shadows and make a small stash full of endless possibilities. MUFE's Flash Colors have been a long time favorite of mine. They are like MAC Paint Pots on colored crack! The only brands that carry comparable colors are Ben Nye, Mehron and the like.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish in Teal

I spoken on my love of nail polish briefly in the past. It runs deep... Very deep. While I have several shades of blue and green, I have nothing that even comes close to this. But at $18 a bottle, won't ever have it. Recession or no recession, I have to draw the line some where and $18 nail polish seems as good of a place as any.

NARS Blush $25

I just want more! I have Crazed, Taj Mahal and Outlaw. I can name five off of the top of my head that I NEED. It was NARS Crazed that made me finally "get it" when it came to blush. I was blush tarded. I didn't know my apples from my arse. I swear I was just slapping it one. While people said that it looked fine it didn't feel fine. The first time I wore Crazed it was like reaching enlightenment. I finally "got it". I don't know if it was the color, the application (I use a MAC 187) or what but I have been in love with Mr. François Nars and his glorious blushes ever since.

Shark Deluxe Steam Mop -$99

I want this more than anything! You just add water and go. I have a very light colored kitchen floor that suffers from all sorts of abuse. Lugging out a bucket of water every few days is a pain. I have been eyeing this beauty for months now. Mr. Brown has been giving me the hairy eyeball the whole time but I don't care. I want it! This is what Bed Bath & Beyond says about it:

Lightweight, ergonomically designed and easy to use, it's ready to get to work in only 30-seconds, letting you clean your floors without rinsing, wringing or carrying around heavy buckets of water.
Whaaaat???? How could I not want this? LOL!

So what things have the busted economy out on the back burner (or just kicked off of the stove entirely) in you life?


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