My Latest Weapon In the Battle Against Dark Spots

Most of you know that post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) is an ongoing battle of mine. Over the years I have tried several lines that contain AHAs in order to get rid of the marks. The results have been mixed to say the least. Some items made my skin super dry while. A few gave minimal results while others just didn't do anything for the PIH. But they all delivered smoother, more radiant skin. I knew I was onto something with the AHAs. It was just about finding the right one for me.

Well oh happy day! Somebody cue the DJ and let's get the Electric Slide* going!

I have been using Alpha Hydrox Nourishing Cleanser and 12% AHA Souffle and I am pleased as punch with the results! In two weeks there are noticeable results. The older PIH marks have lightened quite a bit. I didn't experience any purging and the few pimples that I have gotten have healed significantly faster.

Nourishing Cleanser 4.5 oz./

Washing away makeup, oil, perspiration & pollutants is the first step in successful skin care and great skin. This hydrating formula goes beyond clean by maintaining skin's moisture and revealing a smoother, more radiant complexion. Pro-vitamin B5 & Vitamin A&E microbeads condition and help protect against damage & aging. Soy & Active Oxygen enhance overall effectiveness. Leaves skin residue-free and at the proper pH level to optimize the effects of all Alpha Hydrox anti-wrinkle treatment products.

Ummm... The microbeads seem few and far between so I can't say they really do a whole bunch other than make the cleanser pretty. It's not all that great at removing eye makeup so I still prewash with my oil cleanser. It does a thorough job of cleaning without leaving my skin crypt keeper dry.

12% AHA Souffle

Exfoliation is the key to skin renewal. This lightweight, non-greasy anti-wrinkle souffle with 12% AHA is the ultimate in powerful, natural AHA exfoliation. Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, smoothes, softens & restores skin without the use of abrasives. Peptides & Green Tea preserve firmness and prevent free radicals from breaking skin down. Immediately you will notice the velvety softness of your skin and in a matter of days, your skin will begin to look younger & more radiant with improved texture, elasticity & tone.

This doesn't say anything about lightening dark marks but it definitely should. It lives up to its promises. My skin is definitely softer and more radiant. I wouldn't call this lightweight though. It actually feels kind of thick when it first goes on but it sinks within a few minutes. If you if you manually exfoliate before using it you will experience some significant tingling when you use the Souffle. This isn't terribly moisturizing either. If you have fairly dry skin I suggest using a serum or adding a second moisturizer. I use Aquafina Hydrating Facial Spray for added moisture during the day if it's necessary.

I purchased the Souffle months ago. I admit I shelved it because I was feeling kinda meh about the results. Adding the Nourishing Cleanser made a world of difference. There is definitely something to that whole "proper pH level to optimize the effects" deal. Be sure to use sunsceen when using AHA's. The increased rate of cellular renewal increases sun sensitivity.

So has anyone used Alpha Hydrox products? What's your weapon against PIH? Share the knowledge! lol!


*Don't even front... you know you did the Electric Slide this summer at Aunt CiCi's backyard BBQ/ beef-n-beer birthday party!

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