Philosphy Sale!

I don't' really make it a point to do posts on sales. If you are like me, your inbox receives so many emails trying to get your cash that your Paypal account is running for cover. But I just had to share this one!

My latest health and beauty kick has been Philosophy shower gels. For a long time I was a naysayer and an unbeliever thinking "It's just soap. Why is it so friggin expensive?" Then I bought the Holiday Party gift set. Pomegranate and lavender bubbly... Sweet Josephus!

Well I still can't tell you why it's it's so pricey but it's worth it if you have a little extra cash for some indulgences. They also make great gifts for the crazy shower gel huffer in your life.

Here is the link for the 3 for $33 sale. There are 10 different 16 ounce scents you can choose from. This isn't a bad deal considering the regular price is $16. That means the third bottle is $1! Woohoo! Act fast because this sale ends 12/14.


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