I Was Living Rather Viking-esque

I needed to be beat. My makeup area was a big ole' bowl of hot mess. Brushes just laying about all willy nilly. Random pans of shadow thrown to and fro. The beloved stash had begun to get, dare I say - overwhelming. It was shameful madness ya'll! I know. I know. Don't make no sense! In my defense though. This is NOT my bedroom. No one sleeps in here. My closet and dressers are in here along with a toy box. My men don't even go in "Mom's room".

But no longer! Triflin Tricia has left the building! I swallowed a dose of "act like you know" and purged.

(Sorry for the sucky cam phone pic. The digi cam was acting all wonky)
Shout out to my sisters, Bubbalicious and Chocolate Olvaltine. Your goodies are on their way! This is the my dresser so fresh and so clean! Note the drawers that close all of the way! The drawer on the left is the "eye" drawer and the drawer on the right is that "face" drawer.

I have to say... Though it may be hard, purging does feel good. So how about ya'll? Is there anyone else out there that needs to purge? Anyone else whose stash has become unmanagable?
Let me know!

Be bold and beautificated!


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