Makeup Forever HD Powder $6 Dupe!!!

Pure Luxe Cosmetics (PL) is fairly well known among mineral makeup circles. I learned of PL after my fruitless foray into Bare Escentuals (We'll touch on that at a later date. Since this is my first post, we'll keep it positive. Lol). PL quickly became one of my favorite e-tailers with the cheap, jarred samples and wide array of colors. I stumbled across the loveliness that is silica powder purely by chance quite some time ago. I was just trying various products to get a feel for what the brand had to offer.

PL describes the silica powder as "Unbelievably feather light. Silica is a nautral oil absorber and light diffuser, giving you an all-over soft appearance. The "slip" silica offers as a primer will make this a staple in your cosmetics case".

I must say... It lives up to these claims... Kinda.

I didn't use it as a primer. I used it as a finishing powder. It felt great on my face! It was so lightweight it felt as if I was wearing nothing. No cakeyness or ashy-ness. I was left with a soft air brushed appearance. Dare I say it looked as if I had a "natural glow" As far as it being an oil absorber... Well, I've had better. I'm not a particularly oily gal but I did notice some T-zone oilies about 3-4 hours after putting it on.

Like most etailers, the packaging is nothing special. A regular 'ole sifter jar. No frills but effective. I'm not at all upset about this it because keeps the price dirt-stinkin-cheap!

1/4 tsp sample=$1.50 10Gr jar=$6 20 20 Gr jar=$10 30Gr jar=$14

Make Up Forever recently released High Definition Powder. This too is 100% silica. I bought it not knowing that I had basically the same thing in my stash already. I must point out that the MUFE HD Powder is a finer mill than PL though. I got the same results with the MUFE HD Powder than I did with the PL silica. I have to admit that the MUFE version is in a much nicer package! lol.

Don't worry... I took the MUFE HD Powder back to Sephora. I used my credit to get... Well, I'll save that for another post. Until then-

Be Bold and Beautificated!

Betty Brown

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