Beautification for the Boys!

Hey all! I hope your weekend was fab! They go buy so fast. The highlight of my weekend was scoring these Steve Maddens for $15! TJ Maxx is the bee's knees

Anyways... On to the boy beauty!

I am the lone female in my house so it's only natural that my love for beauty spills over into the lives of my men. At any given moment I may request testers for scents, soaps and the likes. Evey now and then, one of them may actually be intended male use! Boy Beautification will highlight (or serve as a warning) these products that my men were gracious enough to try out for me.

I don't know about you but I am constantly surprised (and horrifically offended) by the odors that emanate from my men.

An actual conversation-
BB: "Whoa... Something smells like feet and cold cuts". At this point, I begin to look for the shoeless culprit. Then the 13 and 8 year old run by. I my nostrils begin to burn and my ears wilt.

BB: "How can I possibly smell feet and bologna and you two have on your shoes? There isn't even any lunch meat in the house"! *Covers nose and motions towards the shower*

13: Sniffing and laughing "What? I don't smell anything." He then dry heaves upon sniffing his arm pit 'o death.

8: As serious as a heartattack "Moooommm.... This is how a man is supposed to smell"

I laugh so hard my eyes begin to tear... Or maybe it's the toxic stink cloud that is hovering around my boys.

Everyman Jack Body Wash Citrus Scrub to the rescue!

Everyman Jack is a skin and bodycare line for the hairy, stinky man in your life. The faux woodgrain and simple, yet bold packaging is sure to win over even the manliest man. No froo-froo frilliness within five miles! The writing on the package is witty and to the point. The citrus scent is invigorating and is a great morning pick me up. It has a bold orange peel base. I love the little scrubbies in it. I see them as backup grime busters. My men need all the grime busters they can get. I knew I had a winner on my hands when the DH gave it the thumbs up and said "The new soap is nice". The fact that he even noticed it is enough to put this stuff in the soap hall of fame. This stuff is manly enough that you won't have to sneak it into your man's "regimen". I use that term as lightly as possible because most men have more of a regimen for drinking beer and scratching then they do for actual skincare. Lol.

You can find EMJ products at Target and on line at the EMJ website. Even GQ loves this stuff. The items run about $5 each, which is a steal in my book.

Have you tried EMJ's products yet? What do you think? What are some of your favorite products for "Beautification for the Boys"? Betty Brown wants to know!

Be bold and Beautificated!

Betty Brown

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