What's for dinner?

I know that this isn't my typical post. The name of the blog is Betty Brown's Beautification and Banter though. So this would be banter...

I have no idea what I should cook for dinner so I am reaching out for some suggestions. Help a sista out!

It needs to be healthy. There is about 20 pounds of budonkadonk that followed me home one day and I can't for the life of me find the rightful owner. I've tried putting out posters and posting "found" ads on Craigslist but no one has come to claim it.

It needs to be kinda simple. It's too hot to slave over a stove.

Bonus points if it has zucchini in it. My garden has put out enough zucchini to make that skinny Olsen chick swoll.

I will post a "real" post a little later so be sure to come and check me out! Until then-

Be bold and beautificated!

P.S. Does anyone use "Scribefire"? What do you think?

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