Um... Why is there K.Y. in your bag?

This was the question that I posed to Mr. Brown as he was packing for a business trip. He replied "shaving" just as pleasantly as you please.

Ha! I see ya'll are giving him the exact same side-eye and twisted lip that I was.

Before I pulled his "pervert" card and called his mother to ask her where she went wrong, I decided to press for more details. Mr. Brown has terribly sensitive skin when it comes to shaving. I figured that he was just getting desperate in his search for decent shaving products.

BB: "Shaving. Mmm hmm. You nasty".
Mr. BB: "No, really. It works really well. It gives me a close shave without the razor burn. Plus I like feeling slick as an eel"!
BB: "See. I told you... You nasty".
Mr. BB: "Yeah, that may be true but at least I'm nasty with a smooth shave. And don't even front... You know you're gonna try it".

A few minutes later...

BB: "How did you find out that KY worked so well for shaving"?
Mr. BB: "Why you all in my shaving going-ons and what not"?
BB: "You know you a perv, right"?

Well he was right. KY Liquid is great for shaving. I used it on my legs and I must say that it is indeed top notch. The razor just glided across my skin. The shave was hella close but that may also be due in part to my HG razor, the Schick Quattro Titanium. That's a whole 'notha review entirely. I didn't have any nicks or cuts which is unheard of for me. I usually nick an ankle or knee like it stole from me or something. A little went long way also. About a quarter size drop per leg. Apparently, every time I use conventional shaving cream I turn into a 4 year old and get it every where. The KY was super neat. No foam streaks all over the shower wall. It rinsed away clean and easy.

So the next time you're in Walmart, and you see the skeevy, greasy dude that is freakish perversion personified buying KY*... Take heart. He may just be shaving... something. lol!

*It has to be the liquid version though. If it's not, then I would suggest that you not touch anything after him.

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