If you found your HG foundation, would you throw all of your other foundations out?

Better yet, would you no longer try other foundations? Not even free samples?

I am asking because I think that I may be on the verge of finding mine.

More on the actual foundation later...

It feels kinda weird to be honest. I always expected to be exhilarated and empowered when I finally reached foundation Zen. You know... Kinda like I just put on my Wonder Woman crime fighter cuffs. (Dang, am I showing my age ya'll?)

Dastardly dull skin? Bring it on! Villainous visible pores? I ain't skeered! Heinous hyperpigmentation? You're no match against Super Foundation!

It all feels bittersweet. While I am ecstatic about preliminary testing results (that sounds so "scientifical" lol!). I feel a little saddened over the fact that the quest may truly be over. Yes... I am being quite dramatic over foundation. I know it's not that deep. But Ya'll know makeup is serious business around these parts. Lol.

Someone let me know that I haven't lost my marbles.


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