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It's finally here! Remember this post where I mentioned the new L/E collection from About Face Cosmetics? I was lucky enough to get my hands on a little earlier than most so I am doing my civic duty and sharing some pics! The collection is called "Cinderella Dumped Her Fella".

All descriptions are from TheSheSpace.com:

The Golden Rule: Sheerest iridescent trace of cocoa..but move your head a bit and this color appears to change from copper to gold to bronze right before your eyes. This will be fabulous on on warm toned ladies and could easily be worn alongside plums, wines, berries, and browns. Be Who You Are: This shade begins with a base of sheer pearl taupe but then morphs into sheer icy pink and gold with flashed of golden twinkle. This will be gorgeous on warm and cool toned ladies and would pair nicely with just about anything. Fairy Dust Frenzy: Sheer dazzling pearl with a hint of grey and pink...twinkles with a hint of clear crystal and should be worn by everybody. Over Coiffed: Pearlesque taupe-ish pink with twinkling white crystals...subtle so can be worn as a highlight on its own or alongside anything. This shade is wonderful for warm and cool toned ladies. Pumpkin Head: Softest shimmering coral with a subtle rose undertone and hints of berry iridescent light. Leans a little towards warmer skin tones but would also serve well on more neutral clients.
Copy Cat Karma: Washed out cocoa rose with a hint of pink and crystal twinkle. Definetely suitable for all skin tones. Another Angry Witch: Very complex shade consisting of smoky grey as a base...then iridescent grape coupled with crystal twinkles and layers of smoldering wine. This will be amazing as a contour and applied damp as a liner. Warm and cool girls will both enjoy this color. Tattered and Torn: Heated up chocolate with layers of cool iridesent berries and fiery coppers. This will be gorgeous with bronze, copper and plum...and delicious on warm and cool toned ladies depending on what you pair it with. Killer Couture: Very complex shade with ranges from midnight navy to deepest cocoa...but then a subtle flash of iridescent blue and raisin. Gorgeous as a contour shade for sexy smoky eyes and very fabulous as a liner. Cindy's Got Gumption: Fiery iridescent raisin for the first layer....then you see a base of hersey bar dark cocoa, iridescent gold and violet along with kisses of gold and lavender twinkle. Very subtle twinkle so absolutely wearable and fabulous layered next to plums, wines, and browns. This will make an exceptional liner for green eyed girls!!!

You Cheat I Win: Multiple layers of stormy grey coupled with iridescent berry and finished off with crystal twinkle. This is a shade that can be applies with a light hand for a sheer finish or easily layered for more drama. Dusted With Magic: First applies as a smoky charcoal taupe but then a sheer layer of iridescent pink is very apparent. Apply this with boring browns that need a little help. Warm and cool toned ladies enjoy! Rapunzels' Bad Hair Day: Deepest midnight charcoal at first...electric berry and plum later. Stunning applied damp as a liner. This color you need to play with. Short on Sass: Blackened amethyst with a kiss of baby pink iridescent. Apply this dampened as a liner for a truly beautiful bit of raisin. Warm and cool ladies layer this next to simmering plums and raisins for maximum impact. Suspicious Step-Mom: (deeper and more plum than it appears in the photo) Simmering raisin with layers of magenta, crystal and baby blue.

Then He Kissed Me: Looks baby pink in the jar, but actually quietly turns from pink to baby blue to soft lavender with an icy cool light pink base underneath. This color reacts exceptionally well to what you put it next to. Secret Wishes: Complex icy shade...appears to be smoky pink, but actually applies as several different colors....light flashes of pink, berry lilac and baby blue topped off with a subtle turquoise iridescent twinkle. Cool toned ladies wear this with purples, blues, browns....just about anything. Prince to Pauper: Beautiful iridescent garnet with gradual violet and pink iridescent layers. Finishes with twinkling violet and blue. Definitely a versatile shade meant to be experimented with. Fairest of Them All: Beautiful iridescent ruby changes from icy cool plum to iridescent pink and lavender with a subtle cool base. This will be a stunner with grapes, blues and cool toned shades. Whirled and Twirled: Icy lavender (more lavender than it appears in the photo)with layers of smoky grey, baby pink and lilac iridescent shimmer.

Knights Trump Dwarves: Initially midnight raisin, but then iridescent layers of purple, blue and turquoise topped off with aqua and lavender sparkle. Proven Fabulous: Incredibly complex shade with multiple personalities. Starts out as a sheer aqua blue but then layers of turquoise, lime, grape and baby blue. This shade begs to be worn with a bit of imagination. Keys to the Castle: Delicious combination of midnight navy and iridescent aquatic turquoise finished with twinkling aqua iridescent light. Cool toned ladies, step right up. Misplaced Sanity: Initially a steel blue with subtle bits of sapphire light, then twinkling lime green and violet.....icy cool. Ignore the Talking Mirror: Iridescent and even a bit metallic periwinkle blue with hints of lavender and baby blue....a fabulous liner.

She Does Sparkle: LOOKs silver and at first, applies with a satin silver finish, but then.....subtle winks of turquoise, violet and crystal twinkle.
One Broken Stiletto: A base of midnight blue coupled with icy lavender, baby blue and deep twinkling green. This is a fabulous iridescent colors that will be gorgeous with blue and brown eyes.
Midnight at the Palace: Twinkling midnight navy a hint of charcoal and tiny bit of crystallized twinkle.
Snow White's Dark Side: Stormy charcoal with a hint of midnight blue, and twinkling bits of turquoise and lavender-ish pink...sexy nighttime look as a contour and liner.
Three Evil Chicks: Deepest blackened charcoal with turquoise, lavender and crystal twinkle.

Dragon Breathe: Multiple personality pigment starts as lime green iridescent but then goes to iridescent turquoise, lime and a hint of gold. Desperate Measures: Metallic lime with layers of twinkling gold, aqua and bronze. Warm and cool girls pair this creatively for maximum impact. Be the Fairytale: Fabulous iridescent kelly green with layers of bronze, copper and golden flashes of iridescent light. Rescue Yourself: Magical olive with layers of hot cocoa, gold and bronze. Finishes with a hint of gold and crystal twinkle. All Eyes of You: Complex forest green with magical layers of brown and charcoal finished off with iridescent lime and bronze.

Rotten Apples: Deepest midnight green with crystal flashes of lime green, and golden twinkle. A truly delicious liner. Seven Little Men: Iridescent midnight charcoal with twinkling hints of lime green and navy iridescent light. Foreclosed on the Castle: Blackened emerald with iridescent layers of cocoa, turquoise and lime. This is a sinfully fabulous shade when applied damp as a liner.

Looks like Heather over at TSS has come up with yet another batch of winners! This collection's claim to fame is the complexity of the colors. None of them are just straight forward. They all have subtle nuances that change depending on how the color is applied. For instance,
in the jar "The Golden Rule" looks like a very soft, creamy, white with gold iridescence. I was shocked when it swatched a golden pinky-peach on my bare skin. It continued to morph in totally different shades when used with different colored bases. I also noticed that some colors act differently when applied differently. "Rapunzel's Bad Hair Day" was more metallic grape when I patted it on with a flat brush. When it I buffed and packed it on with the just the tip of the brush it shifted to a a smokier purple with a satin finish. A few of the shades look very similar in the pot but go on the skin very differently. "Snow White's Dark Side", "Three Evil Chicks" and "Midnight At the Palace" all look similar but have different colors twinkling throughout. You can bring out or subdue layers of color depending on what a shade is paired with. Heather (the owner) has provided wonderful descriptions that are spot on and very helpful. If there was a flash of color that I wasn't seeing, I just tried it with another base and took another look. I would suggest applying these before foundation though. Some of the shades have some major shimmer and I would expect some fallout during application.

Overall, I am very pleased with this collection. I am amazed at the complex behaviors of the colors. That fact alone is enough to keep this collection fresh for quite some time. As usual, the prices are very reasonable. $4.00 for a full three gram jar and $.50 for baggied sample. You can purchase the entire collection (samples or full size) for a discount as well. I still have a lot of playing and learning to do but my initial favorites are "Short on Sass", "Desperate Measures", "Seven Little Men" and " The Golden Rule". Of course there will be some swatch pics and some FOTDs featuring this collection coming very shortly! Until then-

Be bold and beautificated!

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