My CCO/ CoC Haul.

The Cult of Cherry collection by MAC really didn't much for me. I am really not a bold lip type of gal and the eye shadow quads seemed easily dupe-able. I wasn't going to get anything until I saw Cult of Cherry lipglass in person. Surprisingly enough, I only owned one red lipgloss do this was easily justified. I also love the Mattene lipsticks so I grabbed Rapturous. While shopping for Momma Brown I discovered the lovliness that is Mousse Slimeshine. I don't know where I have been but this is a lovely nuetral brown that plays well all the lipglosses that I have tried it with. It's almost like putting a light layer of foundation on my lips.

The CCO on the other hand is a dangerous place. So much makeup, so little money! Lol! But I was good. I haven't been into eyeshadows for while now but pigments will always be a weakness. I would have gotten a bucket load if I could. Luckily, the CCO has a 3 piece limit. You're only allowed to have three of any type of item so that helps to curb spending.

Top to bottom- Indianwood Paint Pot, Rapturous l/s, Cult of Cherry l/g, Racy 3D glass, Boundless 3D glass, Smokesignals pigment and Pinked Mauve pigment. I also got Fertile e/s.

Boundless and Cult of Cherry look crazy similar in the tube. Boundless is much more sheer because it's a 3D Glass.

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