NYX Cosmetics for a Steal!

Did you know that you could get the beloved NYX cosmetics for 50% off of the retail price? That means that means Round Lipstick for $.1.75. Single Eyeshadow for $2.50. Doll Eyes mascara for $4.00. (The 50% off is based on prices on the NYX website only.) Somewhere in the recent past NYX raised prices. They are still MUCH cheaper (and better quality in some cases) than the high end brands. Even with the jump in prices NYX cosmetics are reasonably priced but we're in a recession folks (despite what the government says) and times are hard! Lol!

Calm down and take a breath.

NYX has recently began advertising (or a least provided a link) catalogue sales opportunities. I signed up some time back and haven't looked back since! At the time I signed up, there were two different options. This is from the email I received explaining the options.

Option A

You are a sales Representative for NYX cosmetics that will go out and sell NYX products to general public. The Representative will receive 30% commission on the gross sales amount at the end of the month.

If sales are made in California, there will be and 8.25% sales tax.

If sales are made in another state, there will be no sales tax.

Rep. Takes the orders sends them to NYX.

NYX will ship all products with USPS regular ground shipping to customers.

With orders over $50.00 the customers will not have to pay shipping.

A $6.00 Shipping fee will be added to those orders under $50.00.

All orders must be pre-paid with money order or credit card.

  • The W-9 form is only needed if you choose to be a sales rep with commission from Option A. if you choose Option B we do not need the form back.

Package # A is $10.00 and it comes with the following:

  • NYX representative official card
  • 2 catalogs
  • 2 order forms
  • & a goody bag as a gift for you

Option B

You can purchase products from NYX at 50% off and sell to the general public yourself.

  • Selling option B:

The Representative will go out and sell NYX products to the general public. This Representative will purchase products and sell their own inventory.

NYX will give 50% OFF the products which will give the representative a 100% profit on their investment.

For this option you must provide NYX with a sales permit.

If the Rep. does not have a sales permit, NYX will still Give 50% OFF but it will be + tax.

Rep. can charge tax to general public and get their investment back.

Package # B is $ 60.00 it comes with all of the items in package #1 plus,

  • A large Carrying case for make up
  • Various cosmetics testers in retail valued over $ 600.00

This is a pic of Option B

Holy cow is right! That's a lot of FOTDs! I have since gotten rid of the trio testers and ordered the single testers. I think the single shadows are better quality than the trios. The powders at the top are tester pans of the Black Label Compact powder. I just chucked them not to long ago. I wasn't impressed with them at all. The compact itself is great though. I have gotten rid of the NYX powder and pressed my own into it.

Have I created a lemming? Let me know what you think!


EDIT: I just learned that NYX just (less than a week ago) increased the price of Package B to $99. Boo. But you still get the discount.

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