I am Soooo Never Shaving my Legs Again!

No, I haven't gone all hippie-viking. I discovered Sally Hansen's Spray-On Shower-Off Hair Remover. *que angelic singing*

Quite some time ago I wrote chemical hair removers off of my list of beauty needs. I couldn't stand the smell, they were messy and it never worked in the amount of time it was supposed to. Five minutes my foot! I may have dealt with all that if it actually removed all the hair.I was always left with patches of burnt hair. Have you ever seen a dog with mange? Yeah... not a good look.

I stumbled across the Sally Hansen Spray this weekend while running errands. I wouldn't have even paid it any mind but Mr. Brown requested some "Nair or stuff". (Male grooming is truly underrated and unappreciated in my opinion.)

Of course it was up to me to be the guinea pig. Mr. Brown gave it the crazy eyeball as soon as I pulled it out of the bag. I sprayed it on dry skin. It goes on kind of like "Scrubbing Bubbles" just not as thick. It didn't make a mess or didn't drip down my legs. The fact that you don't have to use your hands is a HUGE plus! I busied my self with makeup removal and hair conditioning for about 10 minutes before I hopped in the shower.

It worked great! I still had to rub my skin but that's because the spray is rather oily. I am so impressed! I was hairless and my skin wasn't irritated at all. I was able to wash comfortably with my shower gloves right afterwards. I TOTALLY recommend this!

Mr. Brown tried it and immediately suggested that I post about this. Since he gave it the gave it a nod ya'll know I had to let ya'll know! lol!
Has any one else tried this? Do you have a fave hair remover? Let me know!


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