Send in the Clowns

My never ending search for ignorantly bold and in your face eyeshadows has led me down the road of theatrical makeup. It started when I discovered Makeup For Ever's Flash Color Pots. There are 20 bold shades available spanning the color spectrum. A wonderful SA at Sephora hooked me up with a generous sample of fuchsia and I was hooked immediately. It went on creamy, opaque and bright! I packed Lancome's Color Design Eyeshadow in The pink Carpet over the FCP and loved the results. I wasn't ready to spend $17 a pop on these babies though.

(I wish I could give a breakdown of the colors but these are a month or two old I was practicing lash application so I didn't bother writing it any where)

With a little research I learned the FCPs are grease paint or simply put, clown makeup. I also learned that it was readily available for a fraction of the cost of MUFE's FCP's. Mehron's Color Cups are only $3.95 on their website.

There are tons of websites out there that sell theatrical and face painting makeup. A few of my favorites are Bubbasikes, Stagesupply, Costumesgalore and Makeupmania. Depending on where you live, theatrical makeup is usually available at costume shops.

If you do decide to give grease makeup a try be sure to use a primer because they will crease like there is no tomorrow. UDPP or TFSI both worked well. Be sure to "pack" your shadow on. In my experience, the windshield wiper motion just doesn't get the job done.
Between primer and packing, I was crease free all day long. There was no color fading or muddying either. I am loving the Mehron Color Cups that I grabbed from a local shop. Stay tuned... I smell a few FOTD's coming up! Until then-

Be bold and beautificated!


P.S. If you have not seen Lancome's The Pink Carpet in person do yourself a favor and run to your nearest counter! It is one of the best pinks that I have tried. It's what MAC Passionate wants to be when it grows up! lol!

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