The Glitter Eyeliner With a Death Wish

Maybe it had a secret to desire to live in the trash. It may have needed to feel the warm comfort of a trashcan liner caressing it's plastic. Possibly, it developed a relationship with the receipt while they were traveled home in the same bag...

The debil in blue!

I am not really sure what it's motives were but they had to be something along these lines because Milani's Glitter and Glamour mascara/glitter liner duo went promptly into the garbage within minutes of being opened.


Because it burns with the heat of 1000 angry suns! Jesus be a cool refreshing squirt of Visine... or a hot poker to said eyeball! Anything to stop the burn!

I was playing with makeup last night and the MEGA blue (yes, it was *that* blue) eye that I was doing practically screamed for the bronze glitter side of the duo I picked up the other day. I applied it to my right lid and before I could even make it to left, my eye began to simmer. Me being the trooper (read as- slave to makeup) that I am said "Meh... It'll go away. I'll just blink a few times". By the time I was finished the left eye, the simmer in the right warmed to a toasty nuclear boil and my eyeball hole had flames shooting out!

An accurate portrayal of my eyes.

You know it's bad when running around in a circle screaming "My eye! My eye"! brings no relief what so ever. Because you know that always works...

The glitter liner o' death... Okay, maybe not death but definitely temporary blindness and eye hole flaming.... Ended up in the trash can next to it's beloved receipt. I hope they have a long and prosperous life together.


Photo source here and here.

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