Time to Pass The Collection Plate


Has anyone else seen this?!?! Or better yet... Has anyone used this?!?!

It's the Konad Nail Art System. It's a stamp that you use to put designs on your nails. Checkout some of these designs.

Holy beautimous nail art Batman! How friggin cute are these?!?!

There are a ton of different design plates to choose from so there is a little something for everyone and every occasion. You can spend as little as $15 for the basic kit or a whopping $400+ the the ultra mega Professional Salon Case. The individual Special Polish is about $7 a jar but there have been some reports that some other cheaper brands work with the system as well.

Here is a Youtube video showing the system in action:

Here are a few of the sites that you can order from:
WowSoCool, KonadNailArt, Head2Toe

So, did I tickle your lemming bone? Do you have it yet? Do you need this in your life? I do. *off to sell so stuff on Ebay* Lol!


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