Now There is Room For More

L'Oreal H.I.P eyeshadow duos quickly became one of my favorite cheap indulgences when they were introduced. Who else has highly pigmented, dirt cheap eyeshadow that goes on sale practically once a month?

As my collection grew, so did the space it took up. It's funny how storage space never enters one's mind when shopping for new goodies. You don't realize just how much space those multicolored pots of happiness really take up.

I enjoy depotting MAC, Milani or what ever else fits a 15 pan because it makes things so easy to get to and takes up far less room. Finding storage for the H.I.P. proved to a problem though. The pans are dang big!

It took some work but I found a palette that fit these over sized pans. It is a Japonesque blush palette. It costs $12 and can be purchased here.


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