I'm Calling Shaningans and Buffonery on the Philly PETA Folks!

Mr. Brown and I spent Black Friday window shopping in downtown Philadelphia. It was great! I truly and dearly miss all of the hustle and bustle of my hometown so I was in my element. Bobbing and weaving. Ooohing and ahhing. Shaking my head at the redonkulous prices of a cup of coffee nowadays...

All was going well until we arrived at the Burberry store on 17th and Walnut streets. There were about 7 ultra-loud individuals protesting about Burberry using animal fur in some of it's designs. While I don't see things eye to eye with PETA, I respect them for taking a stance and standing up for what they believe in. It takes cajones to stand by your beliefs, no matter how unpopular they may be.

I'm calling out the Philly chapter of PETA out for their utter hypocrisy and foul mouthed ignorance! They broke out the bull horns and the crudely made cardboard signs protest the use of fur as inhumane and cruel while wearing leather shoes! So Philly PETA, you mean to tell me that Chuck the chinchilla is highly pissed that you want to use him as vest but Basil the bull is cool with being your new sneaks? Ummmm.... Yeah, whatever.... LOGIC FAIL PETA!

The protest chants also used several swear words. Great! Everyone knows that the gratuitous dropping of F-bombs in front of God and everyone is a great way to convince people that you are not just some neo-hippie-tree hugger with nothing of any use to contribute to society. Yup... Ingnorant, potty mouths with bull horns is exactly what I want to expose my children to.

I feel the need to also point out that the Burberry store didn't even have any fur items in stock! I know that Burberry has used fur in several of it's pieces but it just seems foolish to protest about fur in front of a store that doesn't have any inside. We aren't even going to get into the fact that directly across the street from Burberry is a Jaques Ferber boutique. A wonderful local chain that has taken fur fashions to whole 'notha level. I understand that Burberry is an international company while Ferber is much more local so PETA calls themselves going for the big fish... It was just very interesting to see in person. Lets protest this strore that currently has no fur inside because it's well known but turn a blind eye to the one that has enough mink to support a small country because no one knows about it... Way to stand up PETA!

Yeah Philly Peta you get the WTF face for being foul mouthed buffoons in leather shoes!

Oh... and to the chick in the blue skully that thought it was ok to call me a whore because I my coat has fox trim... Whatevs... I may be a whore but I am a very warm one with an unforgivingly fabulous coat. Take my advice... Don't turn your protests into personal attacks or else you may end up catching an open-handed smack to the mouth like your short, effeminate compadre.


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