RX For Brown Skin- Just What The Doctor Ordered

Let me start off by giving major kudos and appreciating to DR. Susan Taylor, the creator of the RX For Brown Skin line. The beauty industry has come along way when it comes to products for us Brown Bettys' but Dr. Taylor has significantly raised the bar by developing a line that caters specifically to us. How flippin cool is that? Dr. Taylor is also quite accomplished. Girlfriend is a mover and shaker in the dermatology world. Check out her bio here and you can purchase her book here.

On to the review!

I had the pleasure of trying the Bright and Even line of products. This line targets dry, mature or hyperpigmenting skin. It touts an impressive ingredient list with glycolic acid, pomegranate, soy, hyalouronic acid and a host of plenty of goodies.

Bright and Even Exfoliating Cleanser- $21/ 6 oz.

The cleanser is thin and milky. You have to work up a lather in your hands before putting on your face. I was actually surprised by how well it lathered up because it so thin. A little goes a long was. Two pumps is all it takes to get thoroughly cleaned. And guess what!!!! It removed all of my makeup! Even mascara! Ya'll know I'm lazy so this was just sheer awesomenss to me. It left my skin clean soft and glowy.

Bright and Even Exfoliating Toner - $18/4.2 oz.

I was kind of confused when I discovered the toner had a spray pump. But it's really rather ingenious. I don't know about you but I have wasted many ounces of toner by putting too much on my cotton ball. This is pretty "D'oh" proof. A few pumps and you get the right amount every time. The toner smells like baby wipes to me. Not a bad smell, just not as pleasant as some other toners that I have come across. It's not very strong nor does it linger so the scent is not a deal breaker at all.

Bright and Even Exfoliating Moisturizer - $34/ 1.7 oz.

This light, non-greasy moisturizer feels very great on the skin. It absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky residue. Don't let the small size fool you... A small drop is enough to cover the entire face so the bottle should last you at least 4 months.


Quick results
Non- irritating
Great ingredients
Good Pricing considering ingredients and overall results
Quality packaging that is aesthetically pleasing


The only issue that I have is that this line is drying. Any product that speeds up cellular renewal (the glycolic acid does this) has a tendency to dry out the skin. The instructions suggest that you ease into use if your skin is not used to glycolic products. I use a glycolic face wash regularly so I began using the RX line 4 nights a week. Apparently this was a bit much and my skin dried out. I live at a pretty high elevation so the air here is dry already. I was already doing everything I could to prevent looking like the crypt keeper. A good aspirin scrub followed by a honey and EVOO mask made the world a better a place though so no biggie. I now use the products 3 nights a week and still put a good night cream on afterwards. I am still seeing improvement even with such limited use.

I am sold! RX for Brown Skin is a solid brand that delivers what it promises without taking a month of Sundays to do so. Within a week I began to see improvement. Dark spots were beginning to lighten and my overall skin tone was more uniform and brighter. This is definitely a keeper. It has earned a space in the Brown shower caddy!

Oh... By the way... There are also starter kits available if you want save a few pennies and try it out before you take the plunge.

Has anyone tried this line? What do you think? Have I created any baby lemmings? Let me know!


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