Lush Makes Bath Time Fun... And Expensive

My first trip to a bricks and mortar Lush this past weekend did three things. (1) Created a $50 hole in my wallet, (2) convinced me that I need to take more nice, long , hot baths and (3) woke up my creative DIY side because there has got to be a cheaper way to battle the ashe then dropping $12.95 on a King Of Skin Body Butter every few weeks.

Here are a few quick and dirty reviews on my haul. No pics because I am sure you don't really need to see used bars of soap. LOL!

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter- $13.25 / 1.5 oz.

I had been lusting after this for a long while. It is raved about on the nail boards and is always recommended as a "must have" in your nail care arsenal. I am quite pleased with it. It smells divine. A clean lemony scent just as the name implies. I admit $13.25 is a bit steep for a cuticle creme but a pea sized amount is enough to do all ten fingers. A container will last for ages. What? Still not convinced... Ok... JR Watkins has a lemon scented cuticle salve for about half the price of Lemony Flutter... Oh... and it's twice the size.

Dreamtime Bath Melt
- $5.95 / 1 oz.

This wee little block is jampacked with lavender, jasmine, sandalwood and chamomile oils to relax the senses and help get a good nights sleep. It smells wonderful. Unfortunately, once it melts in the tub the scent dissipates fairly quickly and you're just left with cloudy bath water. It wasn't very moisturizing either.

Buffy and King of Skin Body Butters $10.75 & $13.75 /3.3 oz.

These are by far the stars of my haul! When I walked in, an SA did a quick hand treatment using a Buffy bar, Ocean Salt Cleanser, Lemony Flutter and a hand cream that I can't remember the name of. My right hand was silky smooth and as soft as Baby Brown's bottom for the rest of the day. I refused to spend $18.55 on a salt cleanser and I have enough hand lotions to choke a mule so I passed on those two items. The King of Skin bar is crazy moisturizing. Actually both of them are but you have to rinse after using Buffy to get the scrubby bits off. I used TKoS while I was still dripping wet from my shower. I did a few quick rubs over my body and rubbed it in like a regular lotion and voila! Glowy, soft skin the rest of the day. No extra lotion needed! It does go on a little greasy but a small price to pay to keep the ashe away!

Why am I going all DIY you ask? Because the Body Butter bars go quick! They are mostly cocoa butter so they melt easily (and quickly) against the skin. I'm not dropping $14 every two weeks on pimped out cocao butter. *gives Lush the side eye*

All in all... I enjoyed my trip Lush. They have some fun things that make for cute cheap, occasional splurges. I want to get a few of the Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars. They look like so much fun! Lush has an after Christmas sale called the Clean Slate sale that is widely known for it's blow out prices. Last year a lot of the items were B1G2F! Unheard of I tell ya!

Do you Lush? What do you use to make bath time fun?


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