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When I first laid eyes on the Cover FX display at my local Sephora my jaw dropped. Other than MAC and MUFE I had never seen such a wide selection of shades. There is a whopping 32 shades available in the cream formula and 25 in the liquid! Impressive right?

Since Cover FX was developed to cover skin imperfections like port wine stains and vitiligo, I was excited to see what it could for my hyperpigmentation.

Ummm... Please excuse the lack of lucidity in the pics... They were taken at an ungodly hour and I truly needed to beat for even attempting to take them. Oh... And pay no mind to the swoll peeper. This is what happens when you bust your face on the sink trying to keep the resident toddler from busting his own head as he attempts to dance in the shower. No before pics either... I'll give you hyperpigmentated skin or swoll a$$ eye but not both!

So what do you think? Good stuff right?

Though this is a cream foundation it's not exactly creamy. Properly moisturized skin and primer are a must in order for it to spread and blend properly. Otherwise you will end up using too much and you'll end up rocking the loathed "foundation mask". It took a little work to apply with my 187 since it isn't creamy. I did more swirling than stippling. Cover FX blended easily over my HG Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer. I really wanted to try the SkinPrep FX primer but it was missing from the The Big Cover Up kit I purchased. What's up with that Sephora? You have to set it with a powder. Cover FX has a tacky feel to it. It has "Dermafix" technology that allows it to stick to the skin and itself resulting in water resistant, all day coverage. Setting with a powder gets rid of the tacky feel.

190. I still prefer my Essence of Beauty foundation brush over both of them. Same with the 12o concealer brush... Nothing to write home about. The kit comes with Setting The Big Cover Up kit has everything you need to make Cover FX work. It has a full sized SkinPrep FX, Setting FX powder, a how- to DVD and foundation and concealer brushes. Now that I think about... I think The Big Cover Up Kit is something you can pass by if you already have a decent primer, finishing powder and brush. The 130 foundation brush is very similar to MAC'sFX in Light. (Dark is available separately.) Another meh... It was no different than any of the other powders that I currently have in rotation.


One step coverage- no concealer needed
A little goes a long way
SPF 30
Easy to travel with
Light weight
Water resistant

Can be difficult to blend
Can go on mask-like if too much is used
Feels sticky without setting powder
$42... But it will last quite a while

Cover FX creme foundation is the closest thing to my beloved Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer. Yes! I admit it. Lol! Both offer full, light weight coverage without the need for a separate concealer. SSE is just a tad more pigmented than Cover FX. As a matter of fact I would probably recommend Cover FX before SSE because of this. SSE is so pigmented that it is very easy to put too much on. Cover FX gives more wiggle room. Not a lot more, but enough to make it more user friendly for the masses.

So what say you folks? Is Cover FX your HG? Your newest lemming? Tried it and hated it? Let me know.


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