Hard Earned Appreciation

There are some things in life that you can never fully appreciate until you get a chance to experience life without them.

Living rent free in your parent’s house.

A job that may not necessarily be be your dream gig but it gets the bills paid and you don't fantasize about committing felonies against your coworkers.

The ability to eat a tray of macaroni and cheese, half of an apple pie and jug of red juice (brands don’t matter as long as it’s red) and not have to pray that you can still slip into your jeans and not a diabetic coma.

I just developed a deep appreciation for a good eye cream. My eyes were never a problem area so for years I was using whatever crossed my path. It is said that using an eye cream will delay visible signs of aging. Let’s be real… Most eye creams don’t come cheap. An ounce of prevention may indeed be worth a pound of cure but to me it was worth a few new eye shadows at the very least.

That all changed when I got the chance to try Wei East’s Golden Root All-In-One Eye Serum

I am an impatient lady. I need to see results pretty quickly into the game or else the product will ride the bench. The first time I used Golden Root eye serum I noticed that the foundation around my eyes looked smoother and more creamy. This alone enough for me to keep it in play. I didn’t fully appreciate until I foolishly took another eye cream when I went on vacation because it was in a much smaller package. I missed my beloved Golden Root AIO Eye Serum immediately. My foundation looked creepy and kind of just sat on top of the skin instead of blending in. The skin around my eyes became dryer and tight after a few days. Ugh.

My peepers where so happy to get home! I could almost feel them saying “Ahhhhhh” when I used Golden Root Eye Serum for the first time in weeks. The skin around my eyes became brighter and more supple within 3 days.

The packaging is divine even though I thinks it’s a little large to hold such small amount of product. I have been using it twice a day for 3 months (minus to 2 weeks that I was on vacay) and I should be able to get another 2 months out of it. The serum retails for 37.50 for 0.52 ounces. Yeah… A little on the pricey side. But don’t panic! Good ole’ Home Shopping Network has some fantastic great deals on the Golden Root Renewal line. I will definitely be going the HSN route when it’s time to re-up… Gotta grab a deal where ever you can. Times is hard! Lol!


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