Moving Epiphanies

Just a little over two weeks until the big Florida move. My apartment is on it's ear. Boxes fill the rooms. The trashcan runneth over.

It's amazing how much the "Ooh. I can't wait to try it!" product quickly becomes the "That ain't gonna do nothin' but take up space and add wieght." product. Can someone please tell me why I have 3 different mayonnaise conditioners? Better yet... can some one tell me why I have the 3 different mayonnaise conditioners and still look like I got swung around by my feet 'round 'bout the head area? WTH? Where did all of this crap come from? Why do they even let me in CVS and Walgreen's still? Gah!

If something stank 6 months ago... It will probably stink now. There are about 4 bottles of perfume that were given to trashcan gods. Why was I holding on to it? I can't for the life of me tell you why.

If you have to keep the empty bottle to remember to repurchase something, then it probably didn't leave the lasting of an impression. Case in point... As soon as I use up the shower gels that are in current rotation I am going to buy Yes To Carrots Carrot Rich Shower Gel. The empty bottle hit the trash ages ago. I have been walking around with an empty Lush shower gel bottle in the bottom of my ding dang purse since Methuselah was a tadpole. The empty bottle has made from purse to purse when I change them. How many times have I been to the mall with this empty bottle? Eleventy billion. How many times have I actually remembered that the stinking bottle was in my bag *while* in said mall? ZERO! So guess which shower gel will not be bought with my funds in the future.

I have learned that I am fiercely loyal to some products. The idea of having to find replacements is not appealing to me. Since I will be moving to a part of the country that I am not familiar with, I worried that I may not find some items that have become staples. So I have created a folder with bookmarks to all of the web sites that sell the items that I love. Or I have just bought an embarrassing amount of the products. This explains why I am now the proud owner of 5 bottles of NK Satin Silver np. I wasn't able to find the brand here in Connecticut so I planned on picking one up when I visited Philly. Then I realized that I may not be able to buy it in Florida either and since Florida to Philly is waaaaay longer drive than CT to Philly I picked up enough to last me through a nuclear winter. Problems... I haz em.

If you pack boxes in a pair of moisturizing gloves, be prepared to get strange looks. Mr. Brown looked at me like I grew a 2nd head when he saw me wearing my mani gloves. I told him that moving was hard work and I wanted to protect my nails. Yeah... he gave me that same look. Lol.

Overall... The packing process has been going smoothly. I ended up getting rid of a lot more makeup then I expected to. I still have a metric ton but I can gift someone with a nice starter stash with what I purged. I haven't bought any new makeup or skin care products. I have used up a few. I am proud of myself! I had empty containers for the first time in ages! I found some long forgotten head bands so that was a definite plus! It was like Christmas in March.


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