Can a Sista Rant for a Bit?

I have a thing or two to get off of my chest so please bare with me...

Umm... I know that coming up with a brand new collection every month is hard work for MAC but I'm sayin'... What's the deal with Starflash? Can we say H.A.M.tastic? This collection hasn't moved me in the least bit. I am not the one that has to have something from every collection but dang... I at least desire something from every collection. While I do like the shades of the pencils, I can't bring my self to spend $14.50 on a pencil. I don't consider myself particularly cheap. I just think of every thing in terms of eyeshadow, shoes or purses. I have bought all at one time or another for less than $14.50.

But I guess I can't be too mad... I can just put that money to use elsewhere... Like bills.

Sephora just recently added the highly reviewed Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer Foundation to it's lineup. There is a total of 15 shades on the Kevyn Aucion site. Is there any reason in particular that Sephora only offers 8? I could make a big deal out of the fact that of course the two darkest shades are not offered but I won't because there are lighter shades missing also.

Mr. Brown and I were just talking about the lack of highend cosmetics that are available for darker skin tones. Actually, Mr. Brown's eye were glazed over and he was just being a good boy by nodding at the appropriate time... but anyway...

One could easily argue that black woman don't buy highend makeup... Well duh!!! We buy what's available! There are quite a few highend brands that don't even come close to acting like they want our business. I'm not going to sit hear and say that I would buy Sisley Paris foundation if they had my shade. $115 for foundation is just blasphemous! I would however spend $50 if performed the way it promised and the store had a reasonable return policy! Lol!

So anyway... Thanks for listening to my rants.
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