I Should Have Kept My Tail in the House!

I just came back from the grand opening of Sephora in Canton Connecticut. Don't bother Googling, there is nothing there... Just like the rest of northwest Connecticut. Anywayzzz.

Sephora gave away giftcards to the first 100 people in line. Arriving at 9:45 to a 10:00 grand opening, I knew better than to expect to be one of the first 100. I didn't expect there to be about 300 people either!

I know that this is a sucky pic but I wasn't getting out line to take a pic form another angle.

The new Sephora is much smaller than what I am used to. I have seen closets bigger than this place. I was expected a parred down selection but I was surprised by what they omitted vs what they stocked. No MUFE blushes, Duo Mat powder and only 8 shades of Face & Body but someone decided it was a great idea to carry all of the false lashes... Even these,
I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with these lashes but I live in a very *ahem* vanilla place. There is a better chance of MAC and Chanel having a BOGO sale - at the same time- than me running into someone wearing these on the street. Really.

I was glad to see a full display of Ojon though. I managed to get this pic before camera cops came and shut me down. Lol.

I should have known better than to take my behind out there. I didn't have any business trying to spend any money anyway. Lol!


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