My First Request!

I got a request to take some photos of the NYX tester eyeshadows that I mentioned in this post. So here you go Tanya. Just for you. Everyone else close your eyes. Lol. Just kidding.

The pans are smaller than the full size singles but where would you store 160 full size NYX singles I'm sure many of you would find a place though. Lol. The NYX Rep Kit comes with the trio testers but I prefer the quality of the singles so I chucked those and replaced them with these. All of the trio shades are included. The plastic tray is quite flimsy so I plan on placing all of them in palettes, it's just a matter of finding the right kind. So far, MAC 15 pan with the insert removes seems to be my best bet.

So since you all see that I do indeed take requests, keep em comin'. I'm always scouring the globe (or at least Target) for tidbits to bring you beauties.


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