Something is Brewing at Betty's!

We all have our personal beauty quests. Some of us want lust worthy lashes while others are determined to banish dark circles. My my beauty walkabout is the search for flawless skin. Umm.. I ain't there yet. So on my way I have tried countless foundations to at least help me fake what nature seems hell bent on not giving me... Beautimous, radiant skin that totally negates the need for foundation. I figured if I'm going to take the time to try these foundations I could at least tell ya'll about them. It's only right. So I bring to you.... *Drum roll please*....

The Foundation Files

Dang...I really need to step up my HTML game. Typing it out makes it seem so anticlimactic compared to how it sounded in my head. LOL! Just go back and read it using your mind's announcer voice while beating a timpani... go ahead I'll wait...

Decent right?!?!

The Foundation Files is the first official series here at BBB so I may be a little too excited but ya'll know I'm a goobsmack. Stay tuned for the first official post in the series. I even came up with a rating system! Ha!


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