I stopped biting and picking my nails about 6 months ago. I am very pleased with my progress so far. I was doing a manicure with nail polish that I bought from the dollar store when it dawned on me "This is truly cheap gratification". I mean.. I was cranking up the fabliciousness for a dollar! So I figured it was a fitting way to kick off "Recession Beauty".

I find myself comparing nails to shoes... No matter how skinny or fat, dark or light, educated or ignorant... Nice nails are attainable by all. A great set of nails (much like a great pair of shoes) will make heads turn, jaws drop and the envy flow. Don'tcha love it!? Lol!

Unlike shoes... Nice nails don't have to break the bank. Nail polish is a cheap pick me up that can be found at any drugstore, beauty supply store, and most dollar stores. When was the last time you found a fabulous pair of leather booties from Dollar Tree? I know what you are saying... "[Insert random cheap brand here] doesn't last long. It chips in 4 hours". A good top coat and base coat can make most nail polish wearable... Provided it actually dries. But this may be chalked up to your body chemistry. What dries on one may not dry on another. Besides... half of the fun with nail polish is changing it. Chips give you an excuse to try another color.

Also unlike shoes, you can wear more than one nail polish at a time and folks won't look at you like you should have an aluminum foil hat to match!

Be forewarned though... Nail polish can be addicting. The dirt cheap prices and limitless colors create the perfect storm. Those small bottles of colorful greatness add up. $20 here and $15 can turn into a serious collection with the serious bill to match.

Here are a few of my favorite nail blogs. Beware lemming inducing photos!


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