Believe it or not... This post was brought on by a trip to Sephora. How can a trip to Sephora induce a R.B. post you ask?

Because a sista was returning stuff that's why! Lol! I have always been a proponent for returning things that don't cut the mustard. I once walked around with a bottle of Jet-Dry and the receipt in my purse for 6 weeks until I got back to Target to return it. Don't laugh! That $6 was promptly put to good use towards a shirt.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people can't be bothered with returning or exchanging things. I'm talking about holding on to an foundation like it will magically change shades. Or the cystic acne that it causes will one day be the new hotness. Even worse... A lot of folks just chuck it in the bin! What is this foolishness?!?! That's like giving an anorexic girl a gift card to Ruth's Chris. Wasteful blasphemy I tell ya!

Nowadays most stores have great return policies. I have taken used cosmetics and skincare items back to Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid, with the receipt and never had any issues. I have made receiptless exchanges at both Target and Walmart (though I think Walmart's policies may depend on the location of the store). Sephora's return policy is so lenient they are practically begging you bring something back. No receipt? No Problem! Used lipstick? No biggie! The baby ate the packaging (it can happen)? Sephora won't bat an eye! I am pretty sure MAC's policy is more stringent than most of these places but I don't make it a habit to give them my duckets (CCO baby! But that's a whole 'notha RB post).

Even if you don't return stuff for the cash and just do an exchange you still are better off. At least your getting products that you will actually use. After all... Times is hard, ya'll!

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