Effin' Technology

So this post was supposed to be my first vlog. I figured a new layout called for new hotness. But alas, technology foiled my plans. I don't have the proper cable to connect my camcorder directly to my laptop. Hopefully, I'll just be able to buy a cord and not have to go through the trouble of using adapters and whatnot. If you noticed, this post is also not my typical font. For some reason, Blogger is acting all tarderated and half of my flippin buttons are M.I.A. Effin technology! *shakes fist*


Candice of Divalicious Designs is the magic maker of HTML! She and B. from Clumps of Mascara is the wonderfulness that is behind my new layout. I love it! Remember this giveaway that B and Candice had... Well lucky old me won it! And I can't be happier! Thank you B! I'll dance at your wedding! And thank you Candice! I am telling everyone I know about your great work!

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