I Am Not a Hater

This post is not a review or rant. It's an explanation... An explanation as to why you will not find many posts on MAC products over here at BBB&B.

To put it simply... I'm just not a huge fan of most of their products.

Oh stop gasping. It's not blasphemous to not be a MACaddict. Lol.

There was a time when I waited for product launches with baited breath and could be found at the store swatched up within an inch of my life.

The more I wore makeup, the more I learned. I learned that I am a huge fan of loose eye shadow. There are several etailers that I happily give my greenbacks to without a second thought. They have ginormous core lines and they also don't release a new, limited edition collection once a month so I don't feel the need to rush and get stuff... That more than likely will be forgotten about as soon as I acquire my new favorite product of the moment. Most of the time shadows and lip glosses can be bought as a sample for $1-$2.
I am also a brand hoor so I have discovered items from other brands that I like more. Have you tried a Chanel lip gloss? Oh my goshness! Long lasting, non sticky, and soooo purdy!

There are a few MAC products that I will happily and eagerly run down an old lady to get to. The Paints, Paint Pots and Shadesticks are in heavy rotation in my beauty routine. The Beauty Powder Blushes are only second to my beloved NARS when it's cheek time. I have (and love) quite a few MAC eye shadows, lip sticks and glosses. The shadows from the Cool Heat collection fed my undying hunger for any thing green or blue. The Cult of Cherry lipglass is one of the few items of any brand that I have a backup of.

So, I am not a hater of MAC. I am just not a follower. I getting to flippin old to even try to keep up :-) Luckily, plenty of my fellow beauty bloggers have made sure that MAC's non stop barrage of new products are well covered.


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