The Agony of a Budget

Makeup Forever... Why must you taunt me so? When I first came across this beauty I gasped. When I saw the price... I gasped and died.

This is the Dany Sanz Limited Edition Palette. It is jam-packed with 30 shadows and blushes. Each palette is signed and numbered by Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of MUFE. Only 100 palettes are available and they are a Sephora exclusive. Hurry an get yours. I am sure that at $390 a pop they are flying off of the shelves! lol!

MUFE is one of the few brands that can virtually do no wrong in my eyes. They have a wide range of colors that is anything but boring. MUFE's foundations are some of the best in the industry.

I swear... If I thought that I could deduct $390 from the family budget and keep my marriage intact and my fridge stocked, I would SO fanangle my way right on into one of these bad boys. Shoot... I need to go on a diet anyway.. Let me go and hug up on Mr. Brown and see if I can get any closer to the precious! LOL!


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