Sally Hanson Needs More People

Ya'll know that I am polish fiend. I have been dying to get my hands on some of the most recent LE collections from Sally Hansen. These beauties have been spotted all over the country but I have yet to see them. I swear Connecticut is where beauty products come to die. Beauty product hell has a zip code and I live smack dab in the middle of it. I decided that I may get somewhere by calling Sally Hansen's customer service. This is the conversation I had:

Me: Hi. I am calling to find out is there are any stores in my neck of the woods that carry the LE collections.

CS: They don't ship until Nov 24.

Me: What? What doesn't ship until Nov 24th? My friends have seen the new Runway collection all over the country for weeks now.

CS: Well I don't know... But my system is telling me the ship date is Nov 24.

Me. Well that may be the date that the *next* collection comes out but I'm looking for an older collection.

CS: Well that's how LE goes ma'am. Once they are sold out, they are gone.

Me: I understand that but I haven't even seen the collection in any of my local stores at all. None of the SA's have seen it either.

CS: That's because it doesn't ship until Nov 24.

At this point I have to look at the phone to make sure that I haven't slipped through some tarderated worm hole and am now talking to a rubber chicken or something.

Me: *deep breath* Is there any way of finding out if the collection will be shipped to any of my local stores?

CS: No. My system doesn't tell me that.


Yes Sally. You are the recipient of the WTF Face! WTF indeed Ms. Hansen. WTF indeed!


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