Flax Seed - It's What's For Dinner!

O.k. Not really. But flax seed oil is definitely something that you should consider adding to you diet.

Flax seed oil is very high in essential fatty acids (EFA). As you may know, EFAs are quite a big deal when it comes to your health. The
y help you burn excess fat, lower cholesterol, relieve arthritis pain, and improve the immune system.

But did you also know that EFAs are also beneficial to you skin as well? They lubricate from the inside out resulting in softer, more supple skin. EFAs also play a role in balancing hormones so adding flax oil to your diet can improve hormonal acne. I've been on the flax seed band wagon since the summer and I have noticed the benefits. My hair is shinier and my skin isn't nearly as dry as it was last fall.

There are several EFA supplements available. A great way to add flax seed oil to your diet is to put some over your salad with your dressing. I usually throw a tablespoon of flax seeds in the magic bullet with my health shake every morning. Give it a quick blend and presto! Great skin, healthy heart and all that other stuff all in one healthy, vitamin packed shake... YUM!


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