New Year, New Blessing, New Challenges

Happy New Year everyone! Doesn't the arrival of a new year always feel like a chance to start fresh and new? A way to start with a clean slate? Let's just shake off the heeby jeebies of last year and kick start the new year five pounds lighter shall we?

A few phone calls and unforeseen blessings has given my family a chance to relocate to Florida. *looks out of window at the fresh snow that blankets my yard... Suck it Connecticut!* Three moves in as many years have taught Mr. Brown and I a thing or two about moving. You'd be surprised a how many things fall into the "I don't really need that after all" category when space in the moving truck becomes scarce or you just simply don't want to be bothered with taking down or up a flight of stairs.

Since we have a few months before the actual move takes place, I figured this would be a great time to get into that "use it or lose it" mind frame. It's time to use up the fifty-leven bottles of half used shower gel and conditioner that takes up valuable moving truck real estate. I won't open or purchase any new skincare products. I won't purchase any new cosmetics. My entire makeup and nail polish stash must fit in my Helmers. All of my random beauty items (brushes, sponges, etc), perfumes, skincare and haircare products must fit in one modest sized plastic tote. I will adopt the "If you haven't used it in a year then toss it" mentality with somethings like lotions. That rule in general has always been hard for me. I always end up looking for it two month later. I will toss all of my mascara before the move. By that time it will all be at least three months old so theoretically I should be tossing it anyway. When I finish something or get rid of an item, I will post pics to track my progress. Wish me luck!

Any tips on moving and purging? How did your last move go?


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